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What are the plastic hand boards?


What are the plastic hand boards?

In the development of commercial automation, traditional materials can not fully achieve higher environmental or economic needs, a new favorite of the new material production - carbon fiber, can be used to make up for these defects with its excellent characteristics and higher application value. Among many Shenzhen model processing manufacturers, Shenzhen Carbon Fiber Products Co., Ltd.---Shenzhen Xunda Shengshou Co., Ltd. can undertake the carbon fiber model processing of this new material. For more than 20 years, it has specialized in the business of hand model, focusing on the production process and material equipment. Innovation, to provide customers with high-quality model products with excellent quality, high precision and fast delivery.

In addition to carbon fiber hand board and carbon fiber products, our company has rich experience in processing traditional hand plates such as metal, plastic and soft rubber. The first hand model production of plastic hand board and small batch products, plastic hand board products are:

CNC machining: built-in speaker DIVA model, combined TV prototype, round base Ipod prototype, green DVD prototype, green MP3 player prototype, MP3 player prototype, iPod dock alarm clock radio, positive oxidation effect

4 SLS plastic parts, 4 SLS crafts

Compound parts, plastic parts

Rapid modeling

If you need to make a plastic hand, you need to know what it is, so that you can choose the right way to do the hand according to the actual situation, thus reducing the cost of making the hand.

CNC machining: CNC machining is the main processing method of the hand board, which can process plastic hardware and other materials, and the processing precision is plus or minus 0.1mm. Molding characteristics: The size of the machinable material is large, the speed is fast, and the strength is high. Suitable for some hardware shell products, and the material cost can be controlled. Processing materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, etc. The shape of CNC machining is limited. If the hand is too complicated, it needs to be disassembled.

When Schindler is making plastic hand model, the CNC machining equipment is a five-axis machine with high processing precision, generally up to 0.05mm. At the same time, it pays attention to fuel injection technology. It uses PPG paint, and the hand after injection is not only color. It is very close to what the customer wants, and it can be kept longer and not easy to fade.

   The plastic hand model factory makes a beautiful appearance. If one day you use the hand of Schindler to go to a large-scale exhibition to explore the emerging market, please remember to introduce the news to Dasheng. If you have the customization needs of the relevant hand, you can click on the online customer service on the right side of the contact page.

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