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What are the classification of the hand board?

Time:2019-05-25| Author:Admin

Hardware hand board, hand board classification:

(1) Hand-made hand board: It is mainly used in the early hand board. This method is rarely used. Because it is mainly made by hand, it is difficult to meet the requirements in size and appearance, so this method is rarely used at present.

(2) CNC hand board: It is mainly done by CNC machine tools, so it can be divided into laser rapid prototyping (RP) hand board and CNC machining center (CNC) hand board.

Advantages of RP hand board: The speed is fast, mainly formed by stacking technology, so the hand board is generally rough; otherwise, the product whose product wall thickness is too thin cannot be made by this method.

Advantages of CNC Hand: Accurate, high surface quality, such as surface coating and silk screen after the real product is almost the same. It can be molded directly on plastics, which is more in line with product requirements, so CNC hand board will become the mainstream of the hand board manufacturing industry.

The hand board can be divided into plastic hand board and metal hand board according to the materials used in the production:

(3), plastic hand: its raw materials are mainly ABS or some other materials are more flexible plastics, such as some of the currently popular but recently developed products, such as functional phones, display cases, game consoles.

(4), metal hand: its raw materials are mainly aluminum-magnesium alloy or other, mainly used for some high-end hand boards, such as notebook computers, CD players, MP3 players, MP4 players and other home appliances.

4, usually some mobile phones, digital cameras and other more expensive products before the market is generally required to do the model machine, that is, the so-called mobile phone model machine, camera model machine, etc., its mold processing is generally: A, in the original mobile phone The 3D drawings remain unchanged on the basis of the drawings, and then the structure inside is modified into the simplest structure that meets the requirements of the customer. B. The simplest and high-volume production process according to the appearance of the real machine, such as silk screen, fuel injection, electroplating, etc. Imitation of the real machine appearance, the simulation degree is above 80%, some real machine effects such as metal wire drawing, IMD process, etc. are expensive, generally achieved by ordinary processes such as bronzing, silk screen mirror silver, which can achieve the purpose of reducing costs. If the mold of the mobile phone model machine or the digital camera model machine is not required by the customer, the general material such as the core can be used for the 718.

The necessity of making a hand;

A, inspection product design and structural design

B. Avoid the risk of directly opening the mold

 C, the time to bring new products to the market is greatly advanced

5. The main service scope of the company:

1. Design and manufacture hand-made boards of various plastic products (such as home appliances, toys, computers, telephones, mobile phones, etc.);

2, various electronic product casing model structure design, hand model production

3, a variety of toy action hand, the production of complex assembly hand;

4, hand-board remote control intelligent electric toy structure design, model making

5. Various doll sculptures (gypsum, sludge);

6, a variety of simulation production (such as simulation car, simulation portraits, etc.);

7, CNC processing SLA products rapid prototyping manufacturing, fast and accurate use of three-dimensional digital. Physical.

8, batch complex mode: vacuum complex mold equipment, low-cost bulk copy of various prototypes.


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