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As the most professional hand factory in Shenzhen, Xunda has never slackened


As the most professional hand factory in Shenzhen,XUNDASHENG has never slackened

        In the household air-conditioning market, the same power air conditioner, Gree is more than 30% more expensive than other brands. However, consumers who prefer to spend more money on Gree air conditioners still account for the majority. One of the reasons is that Gree air conditioners have excellent technology and reliable quality, which makes consumers feel more at ease.

        In the hand-sheet processing industry, Schindler is also facing such problems. The quotation of the cheap Shouban factory is small-scale, extensive management, and the quality is very random. Once the quality is unqualified, the time and cost of re-communication will increase, and in the end, the professional Shouban factory will exceed the high price.

        Since its establishment in 1996, Schindler Shengshou has survived in the highly competitive Shouban industry and is committed to high standards of quality and service. Xundasheng's customers are rarely the only low-cost type. Schindler always believes that companies that do not pay attention to product quality will eventually survive and will eventually be eliminated by the market. Schindler wins the board and always wakes itself up.

        For hand processing, whether a supplier is professional is a very important assessment standard. Because the hand processing has strong technical requirements, it is not as easy to do as a model. There are also many aspects to be covered, including confirmation of drawings, quotations, process selection and surface treatment methods. If there is a confirmation that is not detailed enough, the resulting hand plate will be biased, which will affect the customer's experience and waste a lot of time. Schindler has a customer, Mr. Huang. Before he had cooperated with Xunda, he had encountered a bad shopping experience when looking for suppliers. He was looking for a hand-plate factory. The hand-made board produced in the previous period had problems. Some of the crafts could not be achieved at all, but there was no corresponding solution and it was delayed. As a result, Mr. Huang delayed the time and lost the order.

      Therefore, before he found Xunda Sheng, he also confirmed the production problems of some crafts with the technicians of Xunda.

      After the professional explanation of Xunda Sheng, he gradually dispelled his doubts. Directly reached an agreement with Schindler. Now, Mr. Huang has also received orders for Schindler's hand model and has developed into a long-term customer. No matter in that industry, professionalism can always win people's hearts. Only if you know enough about the product, can you be convinced by others, Schindler wins 23 years of professional hand-board processing experience, and your request is fast enough to satisfy.

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